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DCL-1 Connector
DCL-1 Connector


- floating installation design
Floating installation design, the power supply interface floating installationcan use blind plug
- smooth elastic contact
Contact reed (crown Band) made of beryllium bronze high elasticity, highstrength (Beryllium). Having a smooth elastic contact surface, insert will notplug surface damage (scratch), and ensure the maximum contact surface.
- High dynamic contact
One sheet hyperboloid type wire jack Wacom spring advanced (Crown)socket contact, products with high reliability of the contact dynamics.
- reed structure, plug soft
Connector contact resistance reed structure of low (low pressure drop), a small temperature rise, and earthquake resistance, anti vibration ability is very high, has the high reliability of the contact dynamics.
- products of the same type and peers are fully interchangeable

Field of application
Mainly used in power module, UPS interface, server etc.


Series Data Sheet (PDF)
Assembly Instructions

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