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IC1000 Industrial connectors
IC1000 Industrial connectors


--plastic shell with a new PC material, has the high melting point, good heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance performance;
99.99% - terminal material for high purity copper, silver, with conductivity,excellent thermal conductivity;
--lock design, ensure that the product does not fall in the non normal state;
--touch protection design, accord with IEC60529 standard, can prevent theproduct contact live parts;
--1000A working current, working voltage: 1000A, product specifications:240mm ~ 400mm ² ² wire;
--The industrial waterproof grade: IP65, color different interface is different,can prevent misplug.

Field of application
This series of products applicable to the standby power supply unit,generator, test equipment, complete sets of equipment. Mobile power cars. The portable generators.UPS power car, battery charging and electric vehicle charging pile and other products.


Series Data Sheet (PDF)
Assembly Instructions

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