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FHX3-3PA Series Connector
FHX3-3PA  Series Connector

 The advantage of

1.3 core main current up to 400 A, 3 core signal current 10A, with guideinstallation guide apparatus, suitable for blind plug in module.
The 2 voltage up to 1400V DC.
3 for attenuating vibration tolerance compensation and operation during the process of the plug.
4 more than the 10000 insertion / extraction cycle number.
5 through the data module built-in battery and magnetic and charge state monitor.
6 has been used for the subway project of mixed type (inverter +resistance) absorption device and pure electric bus battery charging and discharging.

Field of application
DC plug-in charging system is mainly used for the insertion of the DC type large battery charging system; except for standardized pluggable system of vehicle, NBC also provides for high performance plug-in connector large battery device DC charging.
Utility vehicle, the DC backup battery is especially suitable for localauthorities and forklift, transport vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Series Data Sheet (PDF)
Assembly Instructions

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